Telkom “customer service” – a pragmatic approach

Ok, today I experienced that familiar “my internet connection just went down and now I have to penetrate the inner sanctum of incompetence to get it working again” feeling.

For the benefit of the no doubt thousands of others experiencing Telkom issues this and any other week of the year, here’s the approach that

* Got the immediate attention of Telkom employees able to solve my issue
* Allowed me to go from no line to line in a mere one-and-a-half hours Read the rest of Telkom "customer service" - a pragmatic approach

Samsung Yawning Lions Viral

This seems to be something of a spin-off on the “Battle at Kruger” wildlife video. Very smart and I love the closing comments from the game ranger and tourists.

I guess what’s less clever is that the site this ad is supposed to drive traffic to appears to be down. I suspect is has something to do with the localised redirection they have in place. Poor implementation… Read the rest of Samsung Yawning Lions Viral

Google Finally Launches Knol

Knol is Google’s take on Wikipedia with added moderation, allowances made for author subjectivity, and the opportunity for accomplished experts to reap the benefits of being recognised on the site. Read the rest of Google Finally Launches Knol

Scribefire – Post to your blog without the login business

This post is coming direct from my browser window. Just a quick tester, but this is much quicker and more seamless way to get your ideas on to your blog Read the rest of Scribefire - Post to your blog without the login business

David Sifry talks about Offbeat Guides

The founder of Technorati talks to Michael Arrington about his new venture providing “Personalized, On-demand Travel Guides”. Offbeat Guides went into private beta on June 1 and definitely looks like a service to watch in the Travel web apps arena.

You can read more about Offbeat Guides on Sifry’s blog

Goodbye Ogilvy, hello Windsor Road

New ReleaseLong time no post, but I’ve been super busy organising myself for a spell of independence. Yes, I’ve left Ogilvy and as of yesterday New Release is more than just a place for personal rants and musings.

I’m setting up a CC and will be trading under the name of this blog (provided its available – still waiting to hear). Right now I’m working… Read the rest of Goodbye Ogilvy, hello Windsor Road

Fake Twitter Accounts (Twitterjacking..?)

Fake Twitter AccountsAs Twitter continues to take off and people catch on to its potential to direct traffic online, we’re seeing more and more fake accounts building up on the network.

Whilst extreme social networkers like Scobleizer and Kevin Rose have 20,000+ followers hanging on their tweets, other people are resorting to more grey hat tactics to hijack our attention – impersonating well known personalities in order to build up a following.

Some of these accounts are old and disused, but others are very active and have big followings behind them. Read the rest of Fake Twitter Accounts (Twitterjacking..?)

How to stop worrying and love the internet – by Douglas Adams

Douglas Adamsleft quoteDuring [the twentieth] century we have for the first time been dominated by non-interactive forms of entertainment: cinema, radio, recorded music and television. Before they came along all entertainment was interactive: theatre, music, sport—the performers and audience were there together, and even a respectfully silent audience exerted a powerful shaping presence on the unfolding of whatever drama they were there for. We didn’t need a special word for interactivity in the same way that we don’t (yet) need a special word for people with only one head.right quote

Cycling in Cape Town on the highway

The M3 in Cape Town running past UCTThe M3 yesterday: smooth as a baby’s cheeks (cyclist not pictured)

Funny article on Boing Boing tonight. There’s been a mini-demonstration in LA with cyclists and rollerbladers riding down the highway, apparently to demonstrate the impracticalities of rush hour commuting in a car. Obviously the traffic was more or less gridlocked (as it is there every… Read the rest of Cycling in Cape Town on the highway

Brandtags – a public brand perception tag cloud

Brand Tags
Brandtags is a pretty cool free association tool – view the logo, type your first reaction into the text box.

The site is the work of, in the words of ReadWriteWeb, “Marketing consultant and web connoisseur” Noah Brier. It only went live on Friday and yesterday (Monday) he reported having received over 77,000 tags already – quite a sample of data for one weekend. Read the rest of Brandtags - a public brand perception tag cloud