New Release?

meI’m Luke Hardiman, a web designer and developer focusing on both strategy and implementation, User Experience Design, ExpressionEngine development and integration through to CSS and html. I also consult on online marketing and social media.

New Release is my tiny agency, which is comprised of me and a few other trusty people working on a contractual basis, who help me deal with the perpetual overflow of work coming in. Maybe one day there will be enough of them for me to find the time to overhaul this site, which really should be more of a personal and professional showcase, rather than a disused blog.

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  1. Hi Luke

    Can you pop me a mail, I am trying to get hold of you!


  2. Hey Luke,

    Loved your piece on Toyota’s Tree Planter Facebook App
    versus Volkswagen’s Carbon Neutral Project!

    We’re doing something similar on Facebook with the goal of planting more than 100,000 trees, so I though you might want to check it out:



  3. Hi Luke please will you contact me very urgently on 0832867168 or I have organised for an article on coastal storms in Business Day and would like to get a hi-res version of a pic you took at Kalk Bay during the storms. It was shown to me by Umvoto geologist Dylan Blake. Thanks so much. I will ask Business Day to mention your name with it.

  4. Thanks for the Comment on From the Couch Luke; catch you on the road I guess.

    Your site looks cool b.t.w. and so does your portfolio.

  5. Hi Luke

    We met the other day cycling up Boyes Drive. I wondered if you were keen to have a coffee at Kneed, Muizenberg to chat about your web offering. Give me a call on 072 782 8988.


  6. you had me looking for the email for at least 3 minutes!
    are you on the SA UX forum? I see you’ve got an interest in User experience. like minded should unite.

  7. Hi please contact me


  8. Hi Luke,

    would like to request your service. Please send me an email with your details.


  9. Hi,

    Do you have experience designing in Microsoft Expression Blend? We have a Silverlight project that needs to be designed but we are struggling to find web designers that use the Expression suite (Blend exports designs into XAML markup that Silverlight designers can import into their web applications).

  10. Hi Luke,

    A couple of opportunities I’d like to discuss.

    please get me on 072 632 0511 or


  11. Hi Luke

    We are looking for a senior designer with EE experience on contract for ~3-6 months etc, are you interested

    Please pop me an email



  12. HI Luke,

    Please get in touch with my urgently as we would love for you to cost on project we are busy with.

    I have wire frames I can send you if you are, available and secondly interested.

    Kind regards

  13. Hi Luke,

    I’d like to chat to you about some freelance opportunities that we have available. Please get in touch with me – 0836557671

    Kind Regards,

  14. Hi Luke,

    Am a website designer as you based and located in Arusha Tanzania but working world wide.

    See what we can do luke in cooperating side.


  15. Hi Luke

    We need some work to be done on our site built on EE . Please contact me via email if you are interested .

    Kind Regards

  16. Good afternoon Luke.

    Please may I get a direct email address. I wish to get a quote on some EE work that my company needs doing.

    many thanks

  17. Hi Jonathan, it’s, drop me a mail any time. Cheers

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