Masthead Redesign

Inevitably those red bricks started bugging me.. so I’ve changed things up top, got myself a whole bunch of new fonts and applied a new darker texture. Any comments are welcome as always. I’ve got to stop fiddling with this blog though and do some work .. aaaarrrgghh! Still so much to do on it though.

The broken type in the primary nav was a happy accident involving my… Read the rest of Masthead Redesign

Retro-futurist eye-candy

40 hour illustrator job condensed into a few minutes

Vimeo is an incredibly well designed video sharing community. This vid shows the genesis of an illustration commissioned for their recent redesign.

The music is “We Carry On”, off the new Portishead album

New Release reskin

Been reskinning, or rather adding a decent skin for the first time.. I’m not done yet and the site is probably totally knackered in IE at the moment, but I don’t have time to sort it right now, its gonna have to wait for the weekend.

I also want to build out the formatting styles and sidebar a bit more, maybe add some icons too… Read the rest of New Release reskin