The thinking that will see Obama elected

The Obama campaign’s politics of involvement have really gripped me in a way that no other political campaign ever has. If anybody ever asks you how do you monetise the social web, just point them at the stats for this campaign. Read the rest of The thinking that will see Obama elected

Google Finally Launches Knol

Knol is Google’s take on Wikipedia with added moderation, allowances made for author subjectivity, and the opportunity for accomplished experts to reap the benefits of being recognised on the site. Read the rest of Google Finally Launches Knol

Toyota’s Tree Planter Facebook App
versus Volkswagen’s Carbon Neutral Project

Once concept, two strategies

Toyota seem to be on to a good thing with their new Facebook app. Anyone who adds it to their profile gets to indulge in a little kiss-kick with the environment – offset your flatulent exhaust pipe by planting trees in needy fire-damaged forests.

Toyota describes it thusly on their blog:

“Using Tree Planter, users gift trees to their friends. For… Read the rest of Toyota's Tree Planter Facebook App
versus Volkswagen's Carbon Neutral Project

Bishop Tutu launches the new Napster

Yes, you read that right, our own nobel prize winning soldier in the army of the lord is behind a new music site where everything is for frrrrr.

SOS Records

The strapline on SOS records logo reads “Speed of sound music at the speed of light” – somewhat ironic when the flash interface takes around a minute to load. But hey, someone’s gone to… Read the rest of Bishop Tutu launches the new Napster