Samsung Yawning Lions Viral

This seems to be something of a spin-off on the “Battle at Kruger” wildlife video. Very smart and I love the closing comments from the game ranger and tourists.

I guess what’s less clever is that the site this ad is supposed to drive traffic to appears to be down. I suspect is has something to do with the localised redirection they have in place. Poor implementation… Read the rest of Samsung Yawning Lions Viral

Flickr gears up to add video

Web 2.0 poster child Flickr is finally showing evidence of video content after a year of rumour mongering… The content is invite only at the moment, although that will no doubt soon change.

The significance of Flickr adding video content is quite different to the rise of Youtube. Where Youtube is all about the content, Flickr’s greatest asset is by far and away its community and attendant… Read the rest of Flickr gears up to add video