Bishop Tutu launches the new Napster

Yes, you read that right, our own nobel prize winning soldier in the army of the lord is behind a new music site where everything is for frrrrr.

SOS Records

The strapline on SOS records logo reads “Speed of sound music at the speed of light” – somewhat ironic when the flash interface takes around a minute to load. But hey, someone’s gone to quite a lot of effort here, and there are no anglican hymns in sight when the downloads finally appear.

So far this story has been covered on CNET and Wired, but Nic Haralambous is the only guy I’ve seen talk about this locally thus far.

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  1. Hey, Thanks for the link back to the SA Rocks post I wrote! Glad to see you reading and like what I’m writing!

  2. Hey Nic, not at all, thanks for blogging VW Citi Life back in July last year.

  3. Ah, there’s the link! Was trying to figure it out, cool man, not a problem!

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