Monthly hot new albums post

This is long overdue, I’m going to try and write one of these once a month. Right now there are some definitely some new albums out there that deserve a mention:

The Santogold album

Talented singer and alchemist, Santi White

Santogold is some hot and bothered fashionista shit that is blowing up all over the interwebs right now – believe me, my twitter tracker has been tweeting its little lungs out.

The sound is basically an agit-pop dubbed out meltdown of early Siouxsie / The Slits, a bit of Cocteau Twins, M.I.A, Cyndi Lauper, Le Tigre and Blondie, with a little bit of guest production loving from Spank Rock. Sounds like a recipe for spontaneous hormonal combustion to me.

If you want to engage the lady herself in some one-to-one, John the Beef is fielding questions in the comments on his blog. Answers will be posted this coming Monday.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds : Dig Lazarus Dig

Dig Lazarus, Dig

Cave, Ellis and crew are an electric tonic for anybody who thinks that getting older means you have to calm the hell down. These guys are out in the back alley behind the venue pissing into the generation gap with a bottle of whiskey in the other hand.

The sound is ballsy without diving headlong into the noise abyss of yore. A lot of this stuff is, dare I say it, quite accessible.

The Roots : Rising Down

The Roots : Rising Down

Here’s another tight outfit with no sign of calming down – their sound has only gotten tougher since the last album.

I’m still getting deeper into this one, but as usual The Roots’ sound is unique and their lyrics are nuanced in a way that most new hip hop just isn’t.

Guest vocals on the title track from the Mighty Mos Def, with a guitar loop deep in the mix that reminds me of a killer old Solesides / DJ Shadow production.

mp3 > Rising Down
mp3 > Get Busy

Hopefully if you like any of this stuff, and the shoddy online music retailers in this country give you the opportunity to do so, you’ll go buy it.

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