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Ogilvy Verge 2008
Wednesday the 16th of April was Verge day at Ogilvy – for the first time the Ogilvy digital conference hit Africa. Ogilvy One and Ogilvy Interactive Cape Town were responsible for designing the conference materials and a few of us from OI got to go up to Jozi for the event.

Verge is an Ogilvy branded conference which tours the globe breaking down what’s happening in the world of digital, and giving clients a perspective on the opportunities that the web and other digital platforms have opened up for their brands.

The Line-up

The list of speakers was comprised of both international and local experts. Here’s an edited list – it was quite a full day:

  • Introduction by Nunu Ntshingila – CEO of Ogilvy South Africa
  • Rory Sutherland – VC of Ogilvy UK – Rory killed it, probably my favourite speaker on the day
  • Patou Nuytemans, Digital Director of Ogilvy One Worldwide
  • Michael Tchao, GM of Nike TechLab. Really great talk, Michael is responsible for Nike Plus, which has taken the running world by storm.
  • Ogilvy Cape Town’s own Sello Leshope, Strategic Planning Director for SA
  • A Panel Discussion including guys from MXit, Mobiblitz and Multimedia Solutions, on the future of mobile marketing in SA, led by Rob Hill, Planning Director for Ogilvy SA
  • Closing speeches from Jacques Burger and Mike Abel, MD of the Ogilvy Cape Group and COO of Ogilvy South Africa respectively.

I have quite extensive notes from each talk so I’m gonna create a page for each one, links will be added below as soon as I’m done with each pageā€¦

  1. Rory Sutherland’s Main Course

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