Another New Release

My first Expression Engine site went live recently and thus far I haven’t had a chance to blog about it. It’s a redesign of a very rudimentary site, although there was considerable content migration and EE development involved.

I hadn’t worked with the CMS before but have really been wanting to get to grips with it for quite a while now. I think I’ve learned a lot and I have another EE site of considerable complexity in the works at the moment. It’s a great platform that is going to really blow up when EE 2 comes around and merges with the CodeIgniter PHP framework.

I will post a full breakdown of how I approached the job soon, from strategy to art direction to development and promotion, but for the mean time I just wanted to announce that it is finally up. It’s featured on quite a few CSS galleries and everyone I’ve spoken to (especially my client) has quite liked the design. Definitely a break from the norm in terms of your average travel site.

African Budget Safaris

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