Coolspotters – Fashionista crowd sourcing

Awesome concept here for all you Heat magazine devotees, or anybody interested in being first to get their mitts on the hottest new stuff.


Cool spotters is a Tech Crunch endorsed startup that not only shows you the pics of who’s wearing what or driving this that and the other thing, they get their users to tag the stuff in the photos.

The result is a collection of gawker stalker snaps that is contextualised by the material goods therein. With this dynamic the shop window effect of a papparazi picture becomes totally overt as a means to making sure you are ahead of the curve with your wardrobe or whatever the thing on display happens to be – the Iron Man R8, or Paris Hilton’s ray bans.

The site allows you to track the products and celebrities of your choice so as to keep up to date with the particular style trajectories that interest you.

I think this concept is going to really take off for them, very interesting. The affiliate marketing potential here is massive.

Check it out.

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