Telkom : Pay Your Bill Online

Telkom you witless chimps, why not add the link to your hamfisted online payment site to the email containing the invoice?

I am wasting time googling and hunting for it every month, because I have been naive enough to think that you would want to make it easy for people to pay their bill.

For everybody else at a loss as to why the South African internet and telecommunications are monopolised by a collective intelligence comparable to a gorilla with a head full of rohypnol, here’s the link:

Be careful not to pay your bill twice, as I’ve noticed the site is not smart enough to mark your bill as paid once you’ve done the deed.

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  1. I haven’t even looked for my invoice in months but I remember the pain. Such a convoluted set of steps that you only use once a month and can never remember.

    Fortunately they send an email showing the total due and as our landline is really just there for ADSL it only varies by a few Rand each month. If there is suddenly a big difference I’ll hunt down the invoice, otherwise I just pay what the email says.

  2. Hey Steve, I think maybe this post has helped. The correct entry point to the payment process is now showing at no.2 in the serps for me. It’s still a crappy app but at least you can find it now.

  3. Boy – do I hate Telkom – such a bunch of useless people working there – tried paying online as I have done last few months – cant do it anymore. Tried to pay at a Telkom office – cant do it since Feb2012 – so why have bloody stores if people can not pay there!!!!! We have to pay at Pick and Pay – i tell you – Telkom is the most stupid company I have the misfortune of having to deal with!!! and the people at the call centre’s that has to ‘assist’ the clients – eish – let me rather not get my bloodpressure up!!! I so wish Telkom will go bankrupt so we can get some other telephone company,,,,,, but alas – that I why they have to up our taxes – to keep useless companies like Telkom in a profit!!!!

  4. In three years, as long as this shitty system has been in existence, they have not fixed it!!!! There is no other website on the planet anymore as crap as this – and they designed this 3 years ago when website technology were not arcane knowledge to the few anymore. Have the complaints not reached them yet? How difficult can it be to fix something so simple — which the rest of the world has as a standard functionality. The telkom functionality is like putting square wheels on car. It is like sucking your milkshake through a toilet paper roll. I avoid paying my bill every month cause i cant bear the stress. And it is so f***** slow!!!!! Nooo, this is beyond me — three years – NO improvement – nada. It already vexing that they could conceive of this in the first place. Argggg. Thank you person above for giving us the link. It seems to work. A miracle.

  5. Thanks Annelie, glad I’m not the only one who noticed. At least their shares are in the toilet now. I can only hope that the idiots running the company into the ground will finally be feeling some heat as a result.

  6. future jay z remixes

    Telkom : Pay Your Bill Online

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